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BHA and BBC packs a big insurance punch!


 Your Favorite Insurance Broker Just Got Better

Branch Hernandez births a new business to provide more focus for clients

Branch Hernandez and Associates and Branch Benefits Consultants decided to enhance its customer’s options by creating a new partnership.  Quincy Branch, the VP of Benefits for Branch Hernandez for half of the company’s decade of existence established Branch Benefits Consultants to add more options to the company’s brand.  Branch Hernandez and Associates with Aubrey Branch and Joe Hernandez will continue to grow the commercial side of the business while utilizing the new entity. The expansion is primarily designed to address the evolving world of health care in the country.  Both entities are located at 2480 N. Decatur, Suite 140 for your convenience.

Branch Benefit Consultants wants to assist companies with plan design, employee communications, claims assistance, wellness programs, HR compliance, voluntary products, etc.  Email Quincy Branch at for more information.

Branch Hernandez and Associates is the largest minority owned insurance company in the State of Nevada celebrating 10 years in the business with over 60 years of combined experience. Understanding the client’s needs is our priority.   Visit for more information.

We are extremely excited about the joint venture to bring more products and services to our customers.  You can contact us at 702-648-6887 if you have any questions.

Aubrey Branch                                                  Joe Hernandez                                                 Quincy Branch

Chairman & CEO                                              President & COO                                             President & CEO

Branch Hernandez and Associates              Branch Hernandez and Associates              Branch Benefits Consultants

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